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Mediterranean diet can fix genetic risk factors for chronic disease September 3, 2013 Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer among adults in the United States. Most risk factors are preventable such as weight or smoking status but there is often a genetic component which can put patients at even… For older women, a little exercise is better than none September 2, 2013 As we get older, we tend to exercise much less. Time constraints, physical limitations, and chronic health problems lead to the CDC finding that only 38.5% of men and 31.1% of women between the ages of 65… Two studies find healthful diet reduce risk of pancreatic cancer August 17, 2013 Two new studies out within the last month have found that a healthy diet may play a role in the prevention of pancreatic cancer.Researchers with the Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics at the National Institutes of Health calculated… Get up and running to reduce stroke risk August 12, 2013 Need another reason to start a new exercise program? Just as daily activity can keep your heart fit, it can also reduce your risk for having a stroke.A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the…

Exercise, Dieting and Stress Management Can Actually Slow the Effects of Aging

But it’s still an oil — one that packs 120 calories and 14 grams of fat per tablespoon. “People will put 300 calories in the pan before they even start cooking,” the Nutrition Twins tell us. Try this: Measure out the oil you use for cooking as well as for dressings or sauces. The Nutrition Twins also suggest putting olive oil in a spray bottle so that a little will go a longer way. 2. They Avoid Fruit Like It’s Candy The rationale: “Fruit is loaded with sugar that will cause me to pack on the pounds.” The mistake: While “nature’s sweets,” especially the variety that grows on trees, do have a high percentage of naturally occurring sugar, fresh fruit comes with benefits like essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, which can help you feel fuller longer, says Rebecca Scritchfield , a Washington, DC, registered dietitian and fitness expert.

The Biggest Mistakes Women Make While Dieting

Research indicates that longer telomeres are associated with fewer illnesses and longer life.” Telomeres are directly related to the effects of aging because they are the shielding caps on the end of chromosomes that determine how a cell ages. They are combinations of DNA and protein that stabilize the chromosome by protecting its ends. As telomeres deteriorate, cells age and die quicker, leading to the effects of aging. Lessened telomeres have been related to aging-related diseases such as various types of cancer, stroke, vascular dementia, cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes. For their study, the researchers followed 35 men with the early stages of prostate cancer for five years to analyze the relation between comprehensive lifestyle changes and telomere length.


Rock The Bells: Kettlebell Fitness Craze Lifts Off

1 Russian Kettlebell Challenge instructor, whose Greenwood, Ind., kettlebell gym, The School of Strength, is one of the largest in the country. Life Time Fitness in Fishers, Ind., just became the worldwide pilot for KettleWorX, where Wilson will lead the classes, including a resistance, cardio and core variety. The fitness industry has known for years the benefits of this intense workout using weighted balls (originally cast-iron) with handles that got their start in Russia in the 1700s. “I’m amazed kettlebells have not made a bigger splash on the mass market,” said Wilson, 36, who is the director of programming for fitness company Pivotal 5 in Chicago, which owns KettleWorX. But they are making a splash now. Hollywood has a little something to do with it. Stars like Aniston, doctor Biel and Penelope Cruz have recently been seen immersed in the kettle craze. Plus, who wouldn’t want to get a 60-minute workout for 30 minutes work?

24 Hour Fitness names new CEO

Before joining 24 Hour Fitness in February, Blair was CEO of the Internet marketing firm Earlier in her career, Blair was senior vice president of business operations at Yahoo Inc. (NASDAQ: YHOO). 24 Hour Fitness is owned by Forstmann Little & Co., a private equity firm that bought the chain for $1.6 billion in 2005 from founder Mark Mastrov . Forstmann Little attempted to sell the chain, based in San Ramon, last year. The firm pulled the plug on any sale in January after offers reportedly came in below their asking price . The private equity firm sought roughly $2 billion. The health club chain, which has about 425 U.S. sites and 24 in Asia, has undergone several changes in management ranks . Before Liebert left the company in May, 24 Hour Fitness laid off several top executives, including the chief development officer, head of human resources, the head of marketing, the head of membership sales and head of communications.

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Because the hormone regulates your internal thermostat, a low level of it may cause your body 0 Mike Jensen/FITNESS MagazineBy Hallie Levine Sklar Ever wonder interesting if your diet is missing something? Add our expert-approved, eat-right picks to stay lean, healthy, and strong. Related: The Good-Skin Diet: 10 Foods for Healthier Skin The “Skinny” Steak Red meat has a bad rap. The thing is, it really is good for you.

Fitness Trend Forecast: What Workouts Should You Be Doing (or Not)?

What’s are the growing trends in fitness? Long, steady state cardio workouts for weight loss are OUT. There’s research up the wazoo showing that “HIIT” (high intensity interval training of burst and recover cycles) will get you fitter faster . From the professional trainer or coach’s standpoint, it’s considered the holy grail for improving strength, speed and endurance. And, it can burn more fat calories than training in the low intensity “fat burning zone” in a lot less time. Endurance training (steady state, moderate intensity for longer duration) on the other hand mainly just improves endurance. Has the gen-pop finally caught on? Los Angeles-based trainer Mike Michaels of M2LiveFit says yes.

Theyre not learning to use the pole to shed their clothing. Instead, theyre looking at the pole as a workout tool to tone their bodies, lose weight, increase flexibility, build muscle and enhance their cardio capacity. Were trying to break through the stripper stigma, here said Angel Stromley, a pole fitness instructor from Fort Smith, Ark. People will call and ask, Do you take your clothing off? I answer, No, its a fitness studio. Stromley said her studios motto is, Get fit, feel sexy, have fun. Everyone at the expo from pole and clothing vendors to studio owners agreed that pole fitness is a growing segment in the health and workout industry. But nobody could offer definitive numbers. For example, Dietrich estimated there were 1,000 pole fitness studios in the U.S. But Annemarie Davis, who runs a pole fitness web site called, , said the number was 500, with 2,000 in the world. It costs $25,000 to $60,000 to open a pole fitness studio. Customer rates vary. Dietrich, who opened her studio eight years ago, charges $99 for a month of classes.